Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 83rd Birthday Mom!

Well, Mom's reached 83 glorious years this year, and although her dimentia is getting worse, she's still in great health. I just wanted to show everyone my beautiful mother, this was taken on her birthday! All of us got together and took her out for a great lunch! I love you Mamma. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Paper, or Plastic?"

I can remember when my grocery store used to ask me this, it seems to be a thing in the past now, hopefully our world is starting to see the benefits of saving trees and recycling. To teach my students a few of the techniques in watercolor such as, rubbing off, and lifting out, we did this for an exercise, also creating shadows with alizarian and cobalt. Thank you to the wonderful photographer, Clarita for sharing her photo on Morguefile.

A Pink Rose with a variagated wash

Well, I wasn't too happy with this flower as my values were way off, but I was quite happy with my variagated background which I've been trying to practice. I've seen so many wonderful artists who seem to do it with ease, and I tell you it's not the easiest. I've been quite busy with teaching classes so haven't much to show for lately. Hope to be painting for Myself again soon.