Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Painters Tools

I decided to do a painting for the upcoming EBSQ Show entitled Tools, This style is not typical of my work and much looser than I normally get, but had fun doing it just the same. The paints are new for me, I recieved my Holbein Opera, and can't believe how beautifully vibrant it is, I had to use it. and my metal cup from "Old Navy" which my girlfriend gave to me to store all my brushes I JUST LOVE, have had it for years now, and of course my painters tape above.

Here is a video of it being completed.

Jazz Harpist Lori Andrews New CD

Well?? It's here!! Lori Andrews and Bart Somalis's New CD. This CD takes on a life of it's own! With Lori and Barts wonderful composition of Jazz, fusion, and Rythym and Blues all on one CD. Listen to the sounds of a City At Night, with a fusion of color, Jazz, and Sahmba, or a City asleep at night with beautiful relaxing notes. I LOVE the variety it has to offer, and am thrilled that Lori asked me to do the artwork for it. This artwork is a bit different from my style, as I tend to be a more realistic painter, but felt it needed a surrealisticness to it, as Lori's ability to take the normal melancholy harp to a new and heightened realhm of excitement, I wanted to portray that same feeling that she eludes in the harp.

You will find bits and pieces of Lori's wonderful masterpieces of composition on my newly updated website, thanks to the highly talented Web Designer, Steve Andrews @ Digitally Tailored by Please take a moment to visit Lori's Andrews the "other" Lori Andrews's website to purchase your bit of heaven for your ears and listen for yourself how Lori turns the harp into her own Persona.

Lori Andrews is a gifted and energetic performer who takes the harp beyond tradition and into the elements of jazz, fusion and R&B. Having 7 CDs to her credit, she has performed for Presidents Clinton and Ford, and the King and Queen of Spain, and has entertained a list of celebrities including Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Oprah Winfrey (50th birthday) and Clint Eastwood. Winner of the Jazziz Readers poll as best harpist, Lori's band has been featured at various jazz festivals including Playboy, Long Beach, Newport Beach, Sacramento and Idyllwild. Backing entertainers such as Richard Dreyfuss, Helen Hunt, Ashley Judd, Anne Heche, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner and Charlize Theron, The Lori Andrews JazHarp Quartet is the house band every year at the Academy Awards Technical Achievement Division which is the evening that the first Oscar Award is given, playing award recipients on and off the stage. Lori's TV and movie appearances include: Beaches, In the Line of Fire, The Tonight Show, Mambo Kings, Drew Carey, Ally McBeal and MAD TV. "Lori has a unique style that captures the appeal of any audience. Hearing is believing!" -Scott Yanow, editor All Music Guide to Jazz.

In collaboration and friendship from having found one another as Lori Andrews, I was asked to paint the artworkd for her new and upcoming CD. Artwork and specifics to be uploaded here when it's complete. So stay tuned.

Here is her Fabulous website: Please take a look -

Friday, June 29, 2007

Ranier Cherris on my mirror

Well, Summer fruit is here, and man I've been like a little girl at the candy store, I just raided the grocery store with strawberries, cherries, plums, oranges, apples, grapes, etc. And living in California, I think we get a lot of good crop locally. I tried the Ranier cherries from Washington yesterday and have to say I think I've found my new favorite fruit. Here is a still life I set up of them, and then my painting ACEO of it below. Am I making your mouth water yet?? Sure wish they'd take out that darned seed though. :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Swan Lake

I wanted to enter the local Noah's Art Show 2007 benefiting the Animals of the Escondido Humane Society, and here is a start of which I hope to finish by the deadline.
Step Three:

Step Two:

Step One: