Friday, June 29, 2007

Ranier Cherris on my mirror

Well, Summer fruit is here, and man I've been like a little girl at the candy store, I just raided the grocery store with strawberries, cherries, plums, oranges, apples, grapes, etc. And living in California, I think we get a lot of good crop locally. I tried the Ranier cherries from Washington yesterday and have to say I think I've found my new favorite fruit. Here is a still life I set up of them, and then my painting ACEO of it below. Am I making your mouth water yet?? Sure wish they'd take out that darned seed though. :)


Joan said...

These look so juicy! The painting is super. I just LOVE the reflections!!

BoydGreeneArt said...

A very fine painting and I like the commentary that goes along with your posts.

Gayle said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I love your watercolors. I too have a love for watercolor, I just can't seem to find enough time to paint. Thanks for the inspiration.